From The Spring Issue

Magic Mineral Broth

This is my signature savory broth. Its creation was that wonderful moment when everything came together in the kitchen to create something truly heali...

Bruschetta di Fava

The perfect appetizer or side dish to ignite your Italian cravings, courtesy of Chef Giuseppe Sarubbi of VIA UNO.
Seasonal Favorites

Moroccan Carrot Soup

Saffron is one of my favorite spices to cook with. Yes, it can be a bit costly, but you really need very little saffron to get a huge bang for your bu...

Simple Roasted Asparagus

Welcome Spring! Make the most of fresh and tender asparagus by topping it with shaved Gran Padano cheese and zesty lemon peel.

Weeknight Chicken Thighs

This bold marinade adds depth to the chicken with enough seasoning and spice to flavor the meat in a short amount of time.

Rockfish With Mango Curry

I love grilling this fish on a cedar plank, which gives it a unique smoky flavor.
Edible Flowers

Rose-Rhubarb Granita

This granita is a refreshing way to enjoy the bounties of Spring and the edible flowers the season has to offer.
Sweet On Spring

Rose and Strawberry Ice Cream

Pastry Chef Yoomi Shelton of the Palo Alto Grill finds inspiration for this dessert from the flowers and fruit of spring. Paired with the bright, crea...

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