The Raw Truth: Our Skin Needs Good Food Too

April 15, 2015
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natural skincare

We are being mindful about the foods we eat—considering where they come from, shopping local, cooking from scratch and eating healthfully. Despite this truth, we can sometimes be less mindful when it comes to what we are “feeding” our skin. And since skin is the largest organ and biggest detoxer, understanding the origin of our “skin food” is crucial for maintaining optimal health.

With the right ingredients and some guidance you could whip up many skincare products in your own kitchen, but there are local specialists already doing this for us, and one of our favorite spots to scout these specialists is Earthbeauty Apothecary in Los Altos.

Lacking regulation, many skincare lines are able to hide their toxic ingredients. Earthbeauty does the ingredient sleuthing up front, and handpicks product lines with the purest ingredients, sustainability and integrity.

San Francisco–based Earth tu Face, for example, is as much as about agriculture as it is about skincare. Beginning with two herbalists, a garden and the intention to create 100% natural skincare using only pure, plant-based ingredients local to Marin County, Earth tu Face has grown its skincare line from the ground up, choosing plants that heal, restore and rejuvenate the skin.

If there’s an underlining message about proper skincare that we can get behind, it’s “if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.”

For those who enjoy a little do-it-yourself, adding raw, local honey or yogurt to a face mask will activate it and help your skin maintain a proper pH balance. Raw honey fights off bacteria and fungus while deeply moisturizing and healing all skin types. Talk about a simple step for a big reward!

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