LV Mar's Tacos de Cayo Dorados "Scallop Tacos"

July 20, 2015


By LV Mar Owner and Chef Manual Martinez

Serves 4


2 ea split jumbo sea scallops

4 ea thin jicama slices

4 oz. habanero and citrus cream

8 oz julienne red cabbage and cucumber salad

1 lime cut in four


2 cups beer batter

1 cup spiced flour

6 cups of canola frying oil



Heat oil to reach 330 F. Dust the split scallops in spiced flour, coat them in the beer batter and fry for about 2-3 minutes until golden and crispy. Remove from oil, drain and salt them. Place the jicama slices (tortillas) on a plate and top them with the crispy scallops. Sauce them with the habanero and citrus sauce and garnish them with the julienne cabbage and cucumber salad. Squeeze some lime and enjoy!

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