Black Currant Sangria

May 11, 2015


Black Currant Sangria Recipe by  Clearly Kombucha®

Serves 2


8 oz. chopped fruit (whatever is in season such as oranges, blood oranges, apples, peaches, nectarines)

8 oz. fruity red wine

8 oz. Clearly Kombucha® Black Currant

1 oz. St. Germaine

2 oz. sparkling water such as San Pellegrino


Cut the fruit into 1/2 inch dices and divide into two glasses.

Divide the wine, Clearly Kombucha® and St. Germaine between the glasses and stir.

Top with sparkling water and add as many ice cubes as you like!

Note: This can be made in advance. The longer it sits, the boozier (and potentially yummier) the fruit will be, just don't add the sparkling water or ice until you're ready to serve.

Crafted in the San Francisco Bay Area, Clearly Kombucha® is dedicated to creating palatable and fun kombucha. Clearly Kombucha® brews a light and refreshing kombucha to reflect the company’s core belief that you come alive when you lighten up. Its refreshing taste, low sugar content, and light-hearted spirit are all reasons to celebrate. 

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