Q&A With Jeffrey Patterson From Mount Eden Vineyards

April 30, 2015
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mount eden vineyards jeffrey patterson

We're excited for the Silicon Valley Wine Auction that's coming up this June, an annual charity auction produced by the Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association (SCMWA) and the Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF).

To give you a preview of what's to come at the Silicon Valley Wine Auction, we interviewed a few of the winemakers and wineries that are going to be participating. This interview comes from Jeffrey Patterson, the winemaker from Mount Eden Vineyards.

What are you most looking forward to during the inaugural Silicon Valley Wine Auction?

Educating consumers, who are not directly involved in the winemaking industry, about the world class wines being made just out of their office window.

Tell us about the history of your winery and what makes it stand out.

A myriad of things. Mount Eden Vineyards is definitely one of the premier historic properties in America. See the history section on our website.

How has the drought affected your business?

2014 was one of the smallest productions in our 70 year history.

What does the Santa Cruz Mountains region offer that other wine-growing regions might not?

Authenticity, humbleness, terroir-driven, small production. 

How does winemaking inspire you?

Every year is a unique set of weather and winemaking challenges. I am fortunate to have worked at the same place for 34 years and have built a library that I am proud of and want to share with like-minded souls.

What's your perfect paired meal?

That is not easy. Mount Eden Vineyards makes a classical style that has been food friendly since I got here.

What's the most unique part about having a winery in the Santa Cruz mountains?

The fact that we are so isolated from one another geographically. Each one of us is farming and producing on our own viticultural island. This is a huge appellation, land-wise, yet there are few fine wine vineyard acres.

What do you hope to gain by participating at the Silicon Valley wine auction?

Showing a few wine collectors that they are neglecting some of the most significant wines made in the world. And to have a good time.


Click here to learn more about the Silicon Valley Wine Auction and to purchase tickets!

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